Simultaneous interpreting

In one sense simultaneous interpretation is the same thing as consecutive interpretation because both mean listening, understanding, analysing and re-expressing

It is claimed that simultaneous interpretation is easier…

Yes, but it is important to bear in mind the following: Simultaneous interpreters should maintain eye contact as much as possible with the speaker and even use gestures in the booth, even though nobody may be watching those gestures.

How does it work?

In simultaneous interpreting the interpreters are physically cut-off from the meeting in a sound-proofed booth behind double-glazing. Simultaneous interpreting is typically required for conferences, shareholder meetings or in press conferences.

Usually two interpreters work in a team and deliver interpreted speech in real time, while the speaker is talking in parallel.

Simultaneous interpreting is particularly draining for the interpreters, therefore, a team of interpreters is recommended. 

Questions about simultaneous interpretation?

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