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"There is no muse of philosophy, nor is there one of translation." (Walter Benjamin)

Fields of expertise

Asset management and Finance - approximately 700 000 words translated!

Financial statements, Bank documents and statements, Equity, Fixed Income, Forex, Investor presentations, Accounting systems management, Macroeconomic and Microeconomic analysis, Annual accounts & audit opinions.

Legal Translation - approximately 400 000 words translated!

Administrative acts, Financial, Commercial, Social and Property law.

Documents: Contracts, Company by-laws, Shareholder's agreements, Judgements, Invitations for tenders, Proceedings, Formal reports. 

I don’t translate into the language or am I not specialised in the field you are looking for?

I will find you the best translator complying with my translation process:

1) Client Order 2) Quote with deadline 3) Choice of the translator 4) Translation 5) Proofreading 6) Final check by the client

All my translations are delivered with a double check (Proofreading) to ensure the best quality suiting your needs.